Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass seed

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Our Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass seed is from foundation seed and has a germination rate of 95%  and A purity of rating of 97.34 %

Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass is a cool-season, perennial, sod-forming grass that was developed and released because of its high nutritive value. Used for pasture and hay, Manska yields as well as any other pubescent or intermediate wheatgrass, and shows a 15 percent increase in rate of gain on yearling steers.  Manska is the most common variety.

Manska is adapted to a wide range of soils and climatic conditions, but should not be used in areas with under 14 inches of annual precipitation. Pubescent wheatgrass is of the intermediate wheatgrass family, and gets its name from the presence of short, stiff hairs on the seed and seed head. Because of its forage quality, it is now included in our Cool-season Pasture Mixture. It has good seedling vigor and can be spring or fall seeded.

Establishment and Management for Conservation Plantings Pubescent wheatgrass has good seedling vigor compared with other commonly grown grasses. Stand establishment is enhanced by seeding into a well-packed, weed-free seedbed. Shallow seed depth (less than 1 inch) is desirable. Chemical weed control after grass seedlings have reached the three-leaf stage will hasten stand establishment. Successful stands are obtained by seeding in early spring, late summer if soil water is adequate, or by use of a dormant seeding in late fall when soil temperature is maintained below 40 degrees F. A seeding rate of 20-25 pure live seeds (PLS) per square foot (10-12 lb/ac PLS) is recommended when pubescent wheatgrass is seeded alone.

Seed and Plant Production Seed heads of pubescent and intermediate wheatgrasses do not shatter as readily as many other grass species, and seed maturation among tillers is usually quite uniform. The seed crop is usually swathed because shattering may stiff hairs on the seed head. Approximately 70% of the plants from Manska are pubescent. Manska is moderately rhizomatous and heads 7 to 8 weeks after spring green up. Nearly all (85-90%) of the tillers produce seed heads. Plant height is intermediate between slender and tall wheatgrass.


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