Manifest Wheatgrass seed

Our Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass seed is from foundation seed and has a germination rate of 95%  and A purity of rating of 97.34 %

Manifest Wheatgrass-1

According to the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Manifest is easy to establish and more productive than many other grasses.

"Manifest intermediate wheatgrass is a better grass variety choice for grazing or haying on many sites," said Wayne Duckwitz, manager of the Plant Materials Center in Bismarck. "Like other intermediate wheatgrasses, it is a moderately long-lived, fast growing, sod-forming grass."

Manifest can also be used as a single-species forage or in mixes with other species. Mixed with legumes, it produces high quality forage. Manifest has erect stems with a heavy growth of bluish-colored basal leaves, and by mid-summer, its height reaches three to four feet. Manifest is a cool-season grass, so most of its growth is produced in the spring and fall. This allows it to be managed as spring or fall pasture when moisture is favorable.

In a replicated trial by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Mandan, N.D., Manifest produced 4,614 pounds of forage per acre, compared to 4,474 pounds per acre for other intermediate wheatgrass varieties.

"Because of its high shoot replacement ratio, Manifest is able to withstand heavy grazing," Duckwitz said. "Manifest 'stands tall' when compared with many other species and/or varieties of intermediate wheatgrass."

In addition to its growth, Manifest resists drought better than smooth bromegrass, but less than crested wheatgrass. Well-drained soils in areas with at least 14 inches of annual rainfall produce the greatest plant growth.

Seed and Plant Production: Intermediate wheatgrass is a relatively easy species to grow for seed production. Seedling vigor is good and stands establish quickly. The seed does not shatter as readily as most grass species. Seed production is greatly improved with proper soil fertility. Applying nutrients accordinging to soil tests will greatly improve seed and forage yields. Seed yields are similar to other intermediate wheatgrass varieties and will average around 350 pounds/acre on dryland. Fields are generally swathed and combined or direct combined.


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