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‘Manifest’ intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkw. & D.R. Dewey subsp. intermedium) was released as a cultivar in 2007. This was a cooperative release with the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service; the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service; and the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, North Dakota State University. 

Our Manska Pubescent Wheatgrass seed is from foundation seed and has a germination rate of 95%  and A purity of rating of 97.34 %

Manafest wheatgrass seed

Description: Intermediate wheatgrass is a cool-season perennial sod forming grass introduced from Russia in the mid 1900s. It grows to a height of 23-47 inches (6-12 dm). It begins growth in mid April. Flowering starts in late June and continues throughout September. 

Conservation Uses Manifest has exhibited consistent high forage yield over a wide geographic area and improved persistence under grazing, compared with current cultivars. Disease problems have not been observed in regional tests, where overall levels of infection at individual sites were light to moderate. In vitro dry matter digestibility and crude protein levels of Manifest have averaged slightly less than several other current intermediate wheatgrass cultivars, but nutritive quality was adequate for all classes of beef cattle. Manifest is recommended in grass and grasslegume mixtures for hay and grazing. When compared to Reliant, Manska and Oahe, Manifest exhibited higher shoot replacement ratios. This should allow Manifest to withstand grazing and provide increased stand longevity compared to Reliant, Manska and Oahe. Manifest provides upright tall nesting cover and escape cover for many ground nesting birds and small and large mammals. Manifest also has potential as a perennial crop for cellulosic biomass in northern areas adapted to coolseason grass production.

Grazing and Haying Management Intermediate wheatgrass is palatable to all classes of livestock and wildlife. It provides excellent spring, early summer, and fall pasture. It makes good quality hay when harvested at the proper time (boot stage). In a mixture with sainfoin and alfalfa, productivity is enhanced and its stiff stems tend to keep the sainfoin and alfalfa from lodging. Eight inches of new growth should be attained in the spring before grazing is allowed on established stands. Six inches of regrowth before killing frost should be maintained following grazing or haying.


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